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Optimized Asphalt Roofing Solutions in Victoria

Considering asphalt roofing for your property? Vintage Roofing in Victoria is your go-to destination for premier asphalt roofing services including repairs, replacements, and installations. Request a free estimate today.

Why Choose Asphalt Roofing with Vintage Roofing?

  • Cost-Effective: Asphalt shingles offer an impressive cost-to-lifetime ratio, making them a top pick for both homeowners and business establishments in Victoria.

  • Quick and Efficient: Our team ensures swift installations without compromising on quality, getting your new roof up in no time.

  • Minimal Upkeep: Bid goodbye to regular roof maintenance! Asphalt roofs are resilient and among the simplest to mend if ever needed.

  • Built for Victoria’s Climate: Tackle unpredictable weather with our durable asphalt roofing that’s adept at battling sunlight, rain, cold, hail, and more.

  • Safety First: Our asphalt roofs adhere to fire resistance standards, offering added safety against unforeseen incidents.

  • Eco-friendly: Some asphalt shingles are enhanced with solar-reflecting granules, ensuring a cooler roof and aiding in energy conservation.

  • Versatile Designs: Whether contemporary or classic, we have asphalt shingles to suit every architectural style, elevating your property’s aesthetic.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: From varied colors to unique shapes, let our team assist in picking the perfect asphalt shingles to complement your property.

Maintenance and Repair Tips:

  • Tackle Curled Shingles: Using a caulking gun, apply roofing sealant beneath any curling shingle corners, and weigh it down for a day to secure it.

  • Address Cracked Shingles: Apply roofing sealant beneath and over the crack, then blend it in using a putty knife. To camouflage the repair, sprinkle some granules gathered from your gutter over the sealant.

Asphalt Shingle Replacement Process:

Replacing asphalt shingles demands expertise. While Vintage Roofing is here for professional replacement, here’s a brief insight into our process:

  1. Break the seal of the targeted shingle.
  2. Detach adjacent seals.
  3. Extract nails from the roof.
  4. Remove surrounding nails.
  5. Discard the old shingle.
  6. Install the new shingle.
  7. Reapply the roofing sealant.

Steps for a Full Asphalt Roof Installation:

While we recommend leaving the installation to professionals like us, here’s our method:

  1. Understand the principles of a sloped shingle roof.
  2. Prepare the roof deck.
  3. Begin from the roof’s base layer.
  4. Protect against ice dams at eaves.
  5. Apply underlayment for added protection.
  6. Address joints and valleys.
  7. Position shingles across the roof.
  8. Finish with hip and ridge caps.

Signs It’s Time for Asphalt Shingle Replacement:

  • Cracks or tears in shingles.
  • Shingles appearing lifted.
  • Curling or buckling observed.
  • Missing shingles.
  • Granules frequently seen in gutters.

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