Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt Roofs


Asphalt roofing is a leading choice when it comes to home and commercial roofing options. Call Vintage Roofing in Victoria today for a free estimate on asphalt repair, asphalt replacement, and asphalt installation.


Asphalt Roofing Benefits

Affordability – With an extremely low life-cycle cost, our asphalt roofing products are very affordable – especially in comparison to other types of roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are one of the most common and economical roofing choices for Victoria residences and even business owners.

Easy application – Of all the roofing materials available on the market, our asphalt roofing systems are the easiest to apply which contributes to more efficient and quicker roofing projects so you won’t have to wait too long for your asphalt roof to be completed.

Low Maintenance – For a roof that requires little to no upkeep Vintage Roofing’s asphalt roofing products are a great choice. Asphalt shingles are low-maintenance and resilient and are one of the easiest roofing materials to repair or replace.

Weather resistant – With the unpredictability of Victoria’s weather, Vintage Roofing’s asphalt roofs are recognized to keep your roof protected for years to come with the ability to withstand the elements. Our asphalt roofing has proven resistance against sunlight, water, heat, cold and hail.

Fire resistance – When choosing a roof, it is important to have safety in mind. It is worth considering whether the roofing materials will be durable against atypical but possible situations such as a house fire. All of our asphalt roofing materials are manufactured in compliance with the standards for fire resistance.

Solar Reflecting – Asphalt roof shingles made with specially coated granules have a higher solar reflectance. These solar reflective shingles are designed to reflect more of the infrared radiation from the sun resulting in roof surface temperatures 50 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit lower than traditional roof surfaces.

Adaptable – When meeting with you for a free roofing estimate, Vintage Roofing’s roofers will work with you to determine a roofing solution that is best suited to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a modern or more traditional roofing style, our asphalt roof shingles in Victoria BC can be applied for various roof styles to create many different architectural designs.

Stylish – Asphalt roof shingles can create different unique styles depending on the color, shapes, and sizes selected. If you need help choosing the best asphalt shingles for your residential or commercial property, the roofers at Vintage Roofing can surely help!


Asphalt Roof Repair

Fix Curled Roof Shingle Corners with Caulking

Over time, the corners of asphalt roof shingles usually begin to curl up or down. If you notice a roof shingle starting to curl, you can glue down the curled section.

Simply use a caulking gun to apply roofing sealant under the asphalt shingle corner. Weigh it down with a brick and leave the weight in place for at least 24 hours until the sealant dries.

Cracked Roof Shingles Repair

If a roof shingle is cracked or torn, you can repair it instead of replacing it. Begin by applying thick roofing sealant under the crack. Press the roof shingle down and apply a second bead of sealant on top of the crack. Then spread the sealant with a putty knife.

The great thing about this easy asphalt roof shingle fix is that it’s barely noticeable. Just make sure to the gutter for an accumulation of colored granules that have washed down the roof from the shingles. Then gather some into a small cup and sprinkle them over the sealant to mask the repair.


Asphalt Replacement

Asphalt shingles can easily be removed and replaced in just seven straightforward steps. Vintage Roofing strongly suggests that only properly trained professional roofers carry out the roof repair to ensure the job is done properly and up to professional standards. These are the steps we would be taking for asphalt roof shingle replacement:

  • Break the seal on the target roof shingle
  • Break the adjacent seals.
  • Remove the roof nails.
  • Remove the adjacent nails.
  • Out with the old shingle.
  • In with the new shingle.
  • Reseal the roofing


Asphalt Installation

A complete asphalt roof shingle installation can be quite the task and requires some skill – that’s why we recommend that you seek one of the professional roofing companies Victoria BC to do the job to ensure it’s done right. Below are the basic steps we take to complete an asphalt roof installation:

  • Understand the physics of how a sloped shingle roof works
  • Roof deck preparation
  • Work from the bottom up of the roof and starting with the bottom-most layer
  • Ice dam protection at the eaves.
  • Underlayment for overall secondary roof
  • Covering the joints and valleys.
  • The shingles in the “field” of the
  • The hip and ridge caps.


Knowing when to replace your asphalt roof shingles

The following are indications that you should consult an experienced roofer about replacing your asphalt roof shingles:

  • Cracked roof shingles
  • Lifted shingles
  • Curled or buckled shingles
  • Missing roof shingles
  • Ceramic granules accumulating in your gutters and downspouts


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