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Cedar roofing can be made from cedar shakes and cedar wood shingle – both which exude natural beauty and a rustic vibe.

Cedar roofing, whether it’s fabricated with cedar shakes or cedar roof shingles are a popular roofing choice for those looking for a naturally beautiful look that complements their home. You can’t go wrong when you choose a cedar roof. Cedar roofing offers many benefits – ranging from durability to sustainability.


Cedar Shakes

Features & Benefits:

-Naturally beautiful while adding curb appeal

-Very durable

-Extremely high quality

-100% sustainable & natural

-Significantly more environmentally friendly than asphalt shingles

-Several widths for natural variety


Cedar Shingles

Features & Benefits:

-Delivers a classic Cape Cod look

-Extremely durable

-Very high quality

-Adds tremendous curb appeal

-100% sustainable & natural

-Significantly more environmentally friendly than asphalt shingles

-Various exposures available

-Several widths to choose from for natural variety


Cedar Roof Installation

Cedar roof shingles installation and cedar shakes installation:

  • Underlayment is installed
  • Drip edge is nailed along the eaves
  • Overlapping the drip edge, ice/water shield is placed on the lower portion of the roof
  • The roof above ice and water shield is covered with 15-pound felt, with the bottom edge of the felt overlapping the ice and water shield.
  • The cedar shakes are installed in straight, single courses at a 9-inch exposure. The “starter course” is a row of 12-inch wide cedar shakes. The thick end of the starter course must project a certain amount of inches beyond the fascia/drip edge.
  • The second course of cedar shakes is applied directly over the starter course so the thick end of the starter course is even with the thick end of the second course.
  • The joint between two cedar shakes in one course should never be closer than 1 or less inches to a joint below or above it.
  • Cedar shakes should overlap so no joint is open to the weather and each nail is covered as more shakes are installed.
  • The last row of shakes is glued on with roofing caulk, in order to cover all nail heads and avoid creating new ones.

Stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized or electro-galvanized roofing nails are used. All cedar shakes are secured with 2-inch nails, no matter how wide they are.

Cedar shakes are cut in order to fit properly around vents, along the rake, in valleys, and beside flashing. For straight lines or with a saber saw for curves cedar shakes are cut with a circular saw

Valleys are flashed with galvanized valley flashing. Pipes or vent penetrations are flashed with a rubber fitting boot and caulk under the boot.

The ridge and a ridge vent is flashed with galvanized ridge flashing. Caulk is applied over any exposed nails during cedar shake roofing installation.


Cedar Roof Repair

Vintage Roofing offers shingle and cedar shake roof repairs and emergency roof repairs. We offer professional roofing repair services for ridge cap replacement, shakes and shingles with splits, cracks, curls or dry rot, and more.


Sometimes cedar roofs have missing cedar roof tiles, or raccoons and nesting birds can cause them damage. Cedar roofs with damage can affect your home’s ceiling. In order to prevent costly repairs it’s a good idea to have weather and pest damage checked out immediately.


Vintage Roofing provides the following cedar roof repair services:

  • Replace any ridge caps
  • Replace any damaged, rotted, or curled roof shingles or cedar shakes
  • To prevent future leaks, install metal shims where cracks overlap or are rotted
  • Assess, repair and replace vents, valleys and flashings

Cedar roof repairs is a very important job and requires the skills and experience of our qualified roofers.


To extend a cedar roof’s life expectancy we suggest regular roof maintenance. Due to cedar costs continuously rising, it is a good investment to restore or repair an existing cedar roof.

As an owner of a cedar roof, if you have to replace and repair parts of the roof you don’t have to worry that the replacement cedar shakes are too different from the originals. Typically, only a small area needs our professional attention. Since cedar shakes naturally migrates to a beautiful silver colour, you will not have to worry about having to match the shakes to your roof since the blending happens on its own naturally.


Cedar Roof Restoration

Topical Treatment Products

The Cedar Bureau is aware of several cleaning and bleaching agents. Consumers are advised to note the following topical treatment precautions before allowing such products to be applied to a cedar roof.

The Cedar Bureau recommends the following:

Do use a topical treatment that:

  • Offers a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) that lists safety precautions and the ingredients
  • Is labeled as a cedar roof treatment product or has a letter from the manufacturer stating that treating cedar roofs is an appropriate use for this product.
  • Is a water repellant, UV inhibitor, and/or EPA registered wood preservative
  • Has a manufacturer’s performance guarantee

Do NOT Use a topical treatment that:

  • Makes outrageous claims (such as a 10 year warranty)
  • Makes fire retardant claims
  • Is a sealant, waterproofer or plasticizer
  • Contains unfortified linseed oil, diesel fuel or crank case oil


Pressure washing by inexperienced people can cause significant damage to any roofing material.

Some contractors powerwash to clean roofs, while others do not. If powerwashing is used, the roof should receive a topical treatment to restore the roof.

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