Cedar Roofing Victoria BC

Cedar Roofing Excellence in Victoria

Introducing Cedar Roofing Cedar roofing, crafted from cedar shakes and cedar shingles, emanates a natural allure coupled with a rustic essence. It’s not just a roofing choice; it’s an aesthetic statement. Be it cedar shakes or cedar shingles, you’re embracing a fusion of nature’s durability and unmatched elegance.

Cedar Shakes Benefits:

  • Enhances property aesthetics naturally
  • Boasts of long-lasting durability
  • Superior quality assurance
  • Eco-friendly: A 100% natural, sustainable choice
  • A greener alternative to asphalt shingles
  • Offers diverse width options for a varied appeal

Cedar Shingles Benefits:

  • Radiates a timeless Cape Cod appearance
  • Unparalleled durability
  • Premium quality consistency
  • Boosts property’s curb appeal
  • Environment-friendly and sustainable
  • Eco-friendlier than asphalt variants
  • Multiple exposure and width choices for a versatile look

Steps to Cedar Roof Installation:

  1. Start with underlayment placement.
  2. Fix the drip edge along eaves.
  3. Position the ice/water shield over the drip edge, at the roof’s lower part.
  4. Lay 15-pound felt over the ice shield, ensuring overlap.
  5. Install the starter course with 12-inch wide cedar shakes.
  6. Layer the second course directly over the starter for alignment.
  7. Maintain a minimum of 1-inch spacing between cedar shake joints across layers.
  8. Ensure overlapping to shield against weather and concealed nailing.
  9. Use steel or galvanized nails for affixing cedar shakes.
  10. Customize shakes for vents, flashing, and valleys.
  11. Employ galvanized flashing for valleys, and rubber boot with caulk for vents.
  12. Complete with galvanized ridge flashing and caulk over any exposed nails.

Cedar Roof Maintenance & Repair: At Vintage Roofing, we specialize in cedar shake and shingle repairs, ensuring your cedar roof stands the test of time and unforeseen calamities.

  • Replace and restore ridge caps, damaged or decayed shingles, or shakes.
  • Introduce metal shims for cracks and overlaps to avert future leaks.
  • Examine and refurbish vents, valleys, and flashings.
  • Regular upkeep can prolong your cedar roof’s lifespan. With the rising cost of cedar, restoring or repairing an existing roof is a prudent choice.
  • Cedar’s silver hue evolution ensures hassle-free blending for replaced parts.

Cedar Roof Restoration Tips:

Topical Treatments: The Cedar Bureau recommends products that are:

  • Accompanied by a safety-focused MSDS.
  • Labelled specifically for cedar roof treatment or endorsed by the manufacturer.
  • Water repellent, UV inhibitors, and/or certified wood preservatives.
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Avoid products that:

  • Provide exaggerated promises.
  • Claim fire resistance without certification.
  • Seal, waterproof, or contain harmful elements like unfortified linseed oil or diesel.

Power Washing: Only be performed by professionals. Incorrectly done, it can damage the roof. If power washing is deemed necessary, a topical treatment should follow for roof restoration.

Embrace the classic charm of cedar roofing with Vintage Roofing and ensure a natural, sustainable, and beautiful roof over your head.


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