Cedar Roofs

Cedar roof restoration is a popular option because cedar shakes and shingles add beauty and a distinct touch of class to any home. Cedar roofs have a warm, natural appeal that adds character. By choosing a cedar roof, you as a home owner are adding value to your property. If it is curb appeal you are looking to gain or you have looked to the future and that future holds selling your home, you should know cedar roofs add resale value to your home.

Cedar Roof Benefits

Why Restore Your Cedar Roof?

Cedar roofs are an excellent performer in extreme cold weather conditions, as well as extreme hot weather. Cedar can resist damage by UV rays, performs well in high winds, heavy rain, and hail – as well cedar is naturally insect resistant.

Cedars structure provides a natural thermal protection which insulates your home. It allows your home to breathe. It can substantially cool your attic in the warmer months, which in return cools your houses core temperature and it keeps your home much warmer in the winter; saving you money year-round…

And when it comes time to replace your cedar shake or shingle roof you will be doing your part in lowering your carbon footprint, as the old roof is completely recyclable.

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