Re-Roofing at It’s Finest


Instead of a complete teardown, re-roofing offers a roofing option that comes with several benefits. If the home has relatively new roofing, the majority of roofers would agree that it’s a big waste to completely tear down a roof with a structure and decking when all that needs to be done is apply a fresh layer of shingles, tiles, or asphalt. Re-roofing is also a great option if the job needs to be done as quickly as possible due to unfavorable weather conditions or your own busy schedule. Re-roofing takes significantly less time to perform than a complete tear-off, making it a great time-efficient roofing solution.

Not only does reroofing save time, but it also saves you money, but only if most of the roof’s existing surface is still in good shape. If the underlying old shingles offer a flat surface, re-roofing is often the best option when it comes to changing your roof’s appearance. In order to “smooth out” the existing surface in preparation for the new layer of shingles, it’s not uncommon to have some roof repair done on the old roof.

Our experienced roofers can help you decide between getting a complete teardown or re-roofing. Each roofing option offers their own benefits. Vintage Roofing is a leading Victoria roofing company and will provide a free quote on any roofing service. Call now!

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