Leaking Roof Repair

Homes in Victoria are subject to our famous wet West Coast weather, where they are often bombarded with rain for months at a time, so it is not uncommon for them to develop roof leaks.

Finding the source of a roof leak on the other hand, can be quite tricky as a leak that begins in one area of your home, has often made its way through many different areas by the time it is finally noticed.

The peaks of a roof, skylights and decks are often the ususal suspects.

Leak Repairs Can't Wait

In Victoria, we know that it is going to rain again and again. And leaks that are left unrepaired will inevitably grow into a much larger and more costly repair.

Vintage Roofing can find and repair your roof leak, and help keep your home, your family and your belongings dry and protected.

Roof that needs leak repair

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