Roof Repair Services

If your roof has started to leak because of regular wear and tear or weather damage, give Vintage Roofing a call. We are Victoria's premier roofing company and we pride ourselves on delivering top notch quality, workmanship and customer service. We stand behind out work!

Why Roof Repair?

Perform roof repairs as soon as you notice damage or leaks, even the smalled leak often leads to major repairs and damage. Moisture when left unchecked invaded your home or business by seeping into the insulation, ceilings, or walls. Moisture can seep into your insulation, walls, ceilings, electrical outlets and even to your furniture and belongings. This can turn into unhealthy mould or rot your building structure.

With over 30 years of experience in Victoria, Vintage Roofing has the expertise to repair your roof quickly and with the quality you expect. We are family owned and locally operated, and we will work with you from the first call to the final inspection, ensuring you are in the loop and are satisfied once we are finished.

Give us a call, anytime, and one of our roofing specialists will come right out and we will assess the situation, and should an emergency roof repair or replacement be needed, we will give you all your options so you can make the decision that is right for you.

Roof Leak Repairs

Homes in Victoria are subject to our famous wet West Coast weather, where they are often bombarded with rain for months at a time, so it is not uncommon for them to develop roof leaks.

Finding the source of a roof leak on the other hand, can be quite tricky as a leak that begins in one area of your home, has often made its way through many different areas by the time it is finally noticed.

24HR Emergency Roof Repairs

If you find yourself in need of emergency roof repair, give the experts at Vintage Roofing a call 24hrs a day. You should never try to repair your roof yourself unless you have the specialized tools and training to do the job properly and keep you safe.

We will respond quickly to your home or business and tarp the damaged areas to minimize and further damage from occuring. Emergency roof repairs are best done when the weather is calm and we can do a proper and thorough inspection before proceeding.

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