Roof Replacement Victoria BC

A roof replacement is when we take out the existing roof on your home or business and replace it with a new roof system that is different. Often, a homeowner would like to replace their cedar shingle roof with a new asphalt roof system.

Roof upgrades are often a reason for roof replacement. You may not have wanted to upgrade the roof when you purchased your home or building, but now you want a new roof system that is made from better quality roofing materials, is more durable and will provide superior protection for your home or business.

Another reason people choose a full roof replacement is to lower their energy costs installing a new roof system that keeps the heat in and the cold out, while allowing for proper ventilation.

Benefits of replacing your roof

Your roof can not protect the inside of your house or business if it is in poor condition. A leaking roof can cause damage to floors, walls, expensive eqiupment and appliances.

A new roof increases a building or home’s resale value as less repairs are required. Most buyers do not want a building that has a lot of repairs needed because of the costs they will incur.

A new roof style, or even a new colour will significantly improve the appearance of a house or office building. A roof is visible to others, including potential buyers. For this reason, it’s important to make sure your roof does not look worse for wear.

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