Standing Seam Metal Roofs

What Are Standing Seam Roofs


Standing seam roofs have clean lines that will show off your home, and the full spectrum of colors that are available to choose from will ensure your home has that modern look you are wanting

Standing seam roofs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people who are re-roofing their homes in the Victoria area due to their longevity and durability, as well as the myriad of color and styles available. Metal roofs are extremely durable, able to withstand strong winds, our wet West Coast rainy seasons, and the summers sun.

Standing seam metal roofing is extremely attractive and a lot of contractors are using it when building new homes, making it one of the more desirable looks today.


Panel Profiles

A panel profile describes the shape and the method by which two or more metal roof panels are seamed together. The type of roof you have, the pitch of the roof as well as other factors must be taken into consideration when choosing the panel profile. Our metal roofing specialists will explain your options that are available and help you pick the best panel profile for your roof such as:

Snap-Lock profiles which are panels that have been roll formed to create a male and female edge or leg. These can then be snapped together and will not require mechanical or hand seaming during the installation process. Snap-Lock profiles are fixed to the roof deck using a clip which connects to the seam and fastens under the panel.

Mechanical lock panels also have make and female rolled panel edges that connect with each other. Once the two panels are connected, a mechanical or hand seamer bends the panel edges, locking the panels. Two variations are available, single lock 90-degree seam and double lock 180-degree seam.

Batten panels feature roll formed panel edges which are then butted up against each other. A metal cap is placed over the panel edge creating a seam and will mechanically seam or snap into place.

Nail or Fastener Flange profiles are similar to the snap-lock system, however they do not use the clip method to attach the panels to the roof deck, instead the panels are fastened directly to the deck through the male edge of the panel. Then the female edge will be snapped over the male edge, in turn hiding the fastener head.


Solar Panels

Standing seam metal roofs are perfect for those people who are looking to go solar. The raised joints make excellent mounting points for solar modules.

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